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【哲學星期五@紐約】Taiwan National Treasure: A Crowdsourced Movement to Bring History Home 2018/01/12


【Cafe Philo @ NY】 - Taiwan National Treasure: A Crowdsourced Movement to Bring History Home


【Time】01/12 (Fri) 7:30pm - 9:30pm

【Location】315 W 36th St, New York, NY

Wework Penn Station location 9A


【Speakers】Hsin Hsiao, Abraham Chuang, Yu-Cheng Lin

【Host】Maia Huang



The US National Archives in College Park, MD, near Washington D.C. houses more than 50 million declassified documents on Taiwan. Another millions lie in the Archive room of the UN. They provide an unique perspective into historical events familiar to most Taiwanese, such as the San Francisco Treaty, 228 Massacre, the US severing diplomatic relations with ROC, among others. Unfortunately, these materials were only utilized sporadically in Taiwanese academic circles. The mainstream society hardly knew of their existence.


Taiwan National Treasure is a project born out of the 台灣零時政府 civic tech hackathons. The central idea is to develop technologies for a mass of volunteers to go inside the Archives and digitally archive these records and for an open access platform to display them.


Every month, volunteers armed with a mobile App march into the National Archive and spend hours taking pictures of the precious papers about Taiwan's past. Come join us in this Cafe Philo @ NY session to hear the 3 founders of Taiwan National Treasure share their insights and stories, and to learn what you might do to help with this ambitious undertaking.


【Project Manager】Darren Yang

【Poster Art】Moon Chang, Mengchi Chiang

【Marketing】Tian Liang Huang


AdministrativeTian Liang Lin Huang